Monday, August 11, 2008


* Ceasefire bid amid Georgia crisis Russia and Georgia have accused each other of launching new attacks, as diplomats press for a ceasefire in the conflict over South Ossetia.

* Putin slams US for airlifting Georgian troops from Iraq Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin criticized the United States Monday for airlifting Georgian troops from Iraq.

* Kuwait Readying for War in Gulf? The small oil-rich emirate of Kuwait has reportedly activated its "Emergency War Plan" as a massive U.S. and European armada is reported heading for the region.

* Analysis: Back to the USSR After a bombardment by Russia's aircraft, its tanks are advancing on the Georgian town of Gori - the birthplace of Iosif Djugashvili, better known as Stalin.

* Palestinians doubt two-state deal Israel's strategy in negotiations could force the Palestinians to abandon their goal of a two-state solution, a top Palestinian negotiator says.

* EU-Russia relations in jeopardy as bombs hit Tbilisi The suspension of EU-Russia negotiations on a new bilateral pact, freezing talks on visa-free travel for Russian citizens and holding back EU humanitarian aid to Chechnya until Russia ends aggression in Georgia could be among ideas debated by EU foreign ministers.

* Turkey Dodging the Bullet – For Now Turkey's Constitutional Court on July 30 averted a potentially explosive political crisis when its judges rejected an attempt by the State Prosecutor to ban the ruling Justice and Development Party.

* Siege-Breaking Vessels Set Sail for Gaza A dramatic confrontation in the Mediterranean Sea could break out within hours between the Israeli navy and two vessels sailing toward the Gaza coastline.

* "Terrorists" behind latest attack in northwest China "Terrorists" from the Muslim Uighur minority carried out the latest attack in northwest China, state media said.

* Syria-Israel talks could boost Europe's Mideast ties The EU parliament chief praised renewed Syria-Israel peace talks and an upcoming meeting between the Syrian and Lebanese presidents as positive moves that could boost Europe's ties with the region.

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