Wednesday, August 27, 2008


* Rice Visit: PA State Closer than Ever Negotiations between Israel and PA continue at a "crazy" pace.

* Iran: Israel too vulnerable to attack Israel would not dare launch an attack on Iran for fear of the Islamic Republic's missile array and the support of its Islamic allies in the region.

* Egypt urges end to Israel threats Egypt has urged Israel to stop making threats against Lebanon, its foreign minister said on a visit to Beirut.

* UK urges tough response to Russia UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband has called on the EU and Nato to initiate "hard-headed engagement" with Russia in response to its actions in Georgia.

* Russia Pushing Weapons Sales in Middle East and Beyond Three events came together independently to produce an intrigue that is hooking politicians and media in the Middle East.

* Tensions build as U.S. ship arrives in Georgia A U.S. Coast Guard ship carrying humanitarian aid docked in the Georgian Black Sea port of Batumi Wednesday.

* Dimitri Medvedev raises spectre of new Cold War Russia put the West on alert for a new Cold War that the Kremlin is ready to fight.

* World poverty 'more widespread' The World Bank has warned that world poverty is much greater than previously thought.

* Europe of the future: Germany shrinks, France grows, but UK population booms Britain will overtake Germany and France to become the biggest country in the EU in 50 years' time.

* Oil Interests Win Out Over Ecology Israel's Nature and Parks Authority have approved exploratory oil drilling in a nature reserve, despite opposition from its own science committee and environmentalist.

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