Monday, November 01, 2010


* GOP Surge Expected to Weaken Obama’s Support of PA Demands An expected drubbing of the Democratic party by the GOP Tuesday probably will weaken PA demands and strengthen Israel.

* Netanyahu: Renewed freeze 'is not being discussed' At Likud meeting PM says Palestinian unilateral declaration of state would "enact a price from both sides."

* Baghdad church hostage drama ends in bloodbath At least 52 people were killed as security forces stormed a Catholic church in Baghdad to free dozens of hostages.

* Bombs tip-off 'came from former al-Qaeda member' The crucial tip-off that led to the discovery of parcel bombs on two cargo planes came from a repentant al-Qaeda member, UK officials say.

* HRW: Turkey violating Kurds' rights In new report, Human Rights Watch calls on Ankara to stop trying Kurdish protestors as terrorists.

* PA official: Arab states to attempt UN-forced settlement freeze Chief Palestinian negotiator blasts Netanyahu's refusal to freeze settlements, says Mideast peace talks are just one way to solve the conflict.

* Shin Bet Chief warns: Internet boosting global terror threat The internet provides terror organizations with the kind of intel that was once available only to countries.

* EU onlooker wary of introspective US vote A Republican majority in Congress will complicate Obama's policy-making.

* Egypt's intelligence chief headed to Israel Omar Suleiman to visit Israel this week in attempt to renew stalemated peace talks.

* Rabbi Meir Kahane debuts as a comic book hero Twenty years after his assassination, supporters are using a kid-friendly medium to spread the Kach leader's ideas.

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