Friday, July 03, 2009


* Israel sends sub through Suez Canal After a long hiatus, the Israeli Navy has returned to sailing through the Suez Canal.

* WHO warns swine flu 'unstoppable' The UN's top health official has opened a forum in Mexico on combating swine flu by saying that the spread of the virus worldwide is now unstoppable.

* EU nations summon Iran envoys due to UK embassy arrests The European Union decided Friday to summon Iranian ambassadors across the 27-nation bloc in a joint protest against the detentions of staff at the British Embassy in Teheran.

* Africa leaders edge towards unity African Union (AU) members have agreed a plan to give its executive arm enhanced powers to co-ordinate common-interest policies.

* 'Saudis block US push for normalization' There are no guarantees the Arab world would move forward with steps of normalization toward Israel if Jerusalem declared a settlement freeze.

* Barroso stalemate threatens to distract EU from real problems With parliament looking increasingly likely to postpone a July vote on the nomination of the next commission president, there is a risk of having a lameduck executive.

* Jordan's King Abdullah names teenage son as heir Jordan's King Abdullah II named his eldest son as heir to the throne Thursday.

* Assad invites Obama to Damascus Syrian President Bashar Assad has invited his American counterpart Barack Obama to a summit in Damascus.

* Obama Prepares for Russia Summit, G8, Africa Visit U.S. President Barack Obama is preparing for another round of international travel.

* Vice President Biden discusses US future in Iraq Vice President Joe Biden discussed the future of the American mission in Iraq Friday with the top two U.S. officials there following the withdrawal of most troops from the cities.

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