Thursday, July 02, 2009


* US opens 'major Afghan offensive' The US army says it has launched a major offensive against the Taliban in south Afghanistan's Helmand province.

* Settlers hope PM won't yield to US Settlers leaders on Wednesday promised to lobby against any concessions that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu might consider making to the Americans on the issue of settlement construction.

* North Korea 'test fires missiles' North Korea has test-fired four short-range missiles.

* Egypt wants S-400 to counter Iran In a sign of mounting concern about Teheran's missile capability, the Egyptian military recently expressed interest in purchasing the Russian-made, advanced S-300 and S-400 air defense systems.

* Cleric: Muslims should visit Jerusalem A senior Palestinian Muslim cleric on Wednesday urged Muslims to travel to Jerusalem, breaking a taboo against visiting the holy city because it would be considered as normalizing relations with Israel.

* PA okays joint Dead Sea contest bid What does the IDF have to do with an Internet contest to choose the world's seven natural wonders?

* Ant mega-colony takes over world A single mega-colony of ants has colonised much of the world, scientists have discovered.

* 'Obama' Think-Tank: Israel Should Cede Jerusalem Sovereignty A think tank which is arguably the most influential in Washington is proposing an “interim” neutral administration to govern Jerusalem instead of Israel.

* Iran says Europe no longer qualified to conduct nuclear talks Iran says Europe is no longer qualified to hold nuclear talks due to its meddling with the post-election protests in the country.

* John Bolton: Israeli Attack is Only 'Iranian Option' U.S. President Barack Obama’s policies have left an Israeli attack on Iran the only option in preventing the Muslim country from obtaining a nuclear weapo.

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