Wednesday, September 03, 2008


* Olmert Grasps at Straws as Kadima Primary Heats Up Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is trying desperately to salvage what remains of his tattered reputation.

* US says troops could quit Baghdad soon General David Petraeus, the top US commander in Iraq, said declining violence in Baghdad raised the possibility that American combat troops could leave the capital by next summer.

* Eldad angers Tibi with plans to screen controversial film on Islam MK Arieh Eldad (National Union-NRP) announced Tuesday that a "first of its kind" coalition of European legislators will examine ways to stop the global spread of Islam.

* Iran: We Produce\Export Weapons to 50 Countries Iranian officials have boasted of their homegrown arms industry in recent days.

* French head to begin Syria visit French President Nicolas Sarkozy is due to visit Syria as part of efforts to improve ties between the two countries.

* Georgians eager to rebuild army Just weeks after Georgia's military collapsed in panic in the face of the Russian Army.

* Foreign Ministry warns Europe against Syria Foreign Ministry Deputy Director-General Yigal Palmor warned Wednesday that "the Europeans should be very careful when they consider restoring their ties with Syria."

* MEPs urge Russia to abide by international law The European Parliament condemned Russia's actions against Georgia on Wednesday (3 September), reminding Moscow it needs to abide by international law.

* 'Israel-Syria talks to focus on borders' A fifth round of indirect peace talks between Israel and Syria are scheduled to begin on September 7 in Istanbul.

* EU Legislator: Money for PA Obstacle to Peace Increased European Union (EU) aid to Hamas workers for the Palestinian Authority (PA) is illegal and is an obstacle to peace.

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