Wednesday, February 06, 2008


* US rivals fight on after key day US Republican John McCain moved closer to his party's presidential nomination after Super Tuesday's polls, while the Democratic race stayed finely balanced.

* Israel will build a fence along parts of the Egyptian border Israel will soon begin construction of a security fence along certain parts of the Israeli-Egyptian border.

* U.S. sees Russia, China, OPEC financial threat The United States is worried that Russia, China and OPEC oil-producing countries could use their growing financial clout to advance political goals.

* Analysis: When Hamas founded a mini-state Hamas's breaching of the 12-kilometer security fence separating Gaza from Sinai on January 23, 2008 has triggered major shifts in the relationships between Israel, Gaza, and Egypt..

* Russia suspicious over Iran test Russia thinks the launch of an Iranian rocket into space raises suspicion over the true aim of its nuclear program, a foreign ministry official has said.

* MK Elon: Int'l body must resettle Palestinians MK Benny Elon (NU-NRP) is proposing the establishment of an international body in lieu of UNRWA to deal with the resettlement of Palestinian refugees.

* EU says Serbia agreement on hold The EU enlargement commissioner has said a deal due to be signed with Serbia has been postponed because of a political dispute in Belgrade.

* Pope's Rewrite of Latin Prayer Draws Criticism From 2 Sides Pope Benedict XVI on Tuesday issued a replacement for a contentious Good Friday prayer in Latin.

* Brussels to tighten EU external borders The European Commission is working on a new set of measures aimed at strengthening the EU's external borders in order to monitor migrants and track down criminals.

* Gaza power reductions to begin Thurs. Israel will begin to reduce the amount of electricity that it supplies to the Gaza Strip on Thursday.

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