Tuesday, February 05, 2008


* 'Iran is the biggest threat to Israel' Iran will attain offensive nuclear capabilities within three years and remains the central strategic threat to Israel.

* France in warning to Chad rebels France has warned rebels in Chad that it could intervene if they continue to threaten the capital, N'Djamena.

* Jews could be key to 'Tsunami Tuesday' Most of America's Jews will be heading to the polls on Tuesday, making what could be a decisive contribution to the presidential nominating process.

* Revised flag hoisted over Baghdad A new Iraqi flag - purged of references to the executed former leader Saddam Hussein - has been hoisted over government buildings in Baghdad.

* Heightened security following Dimona bombing After an extended period of calm in Israel's cities – save for those in the line of fire near Gaza – they will once again serve as a backdrop for regrettably familiar scenes of increased police presence, patrols and roadblocks.

* We must defeat Islamofascism I have had the pleasure of visiting Israel, our staunch ally, our great friend and the most exemplary democracy in the Middle East, a total of nine times.

* Religious Consensus: Day of Prayer on Behalf of Israel The religious leadership in the country is not allowing itself to be distracted from the main issues: The dangers to the Land of Israel and Jerusalem.

* Ruptures call safety of Internet cables into question Four undersea communication cables have been cut in the past week.

* 'Hard' Kenya crisis talks resume Kenya's political foes have begun discussing crucial political issues to try to end to weeks of violence.

* Diplomats say Blair unlikely to get EU presidency He has EU-wide name recognition, speaks English and French, is pro-European and full of energy despite a bruising 10-year stint as prime minister.

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