Thursday, February 07, 2008


* 'Anyone who violates our borders will get his legs broken' Egypt's foreign minister said that no further violations of its borders would be tolerated in the wake of a 12-day breach on its frontier with Gaza.

* West warned over Afghan failure Nato Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer has said the failure of Nato's mission in Afghanistan could result in terror attacks in Western countries.

* Hamas source: Extremists poured into Gaza Thousands of Arab men have flocked into the Gaza Strip from Egypt in the past two weeks.

* Nato 'at risk over Afghanistan' US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has warned the future of Nato is at risk due to differences over Afghanistan and that it may become a two-tier alliance.

* Barak: IDF ops to grow even stronger If Palestinians continue to fire Kassam rockets into Israel, they will suffer the consequences of IDF operations of increasing strength.

* World 'divided on globalization' A BBC World Service survey of 34,000 people has found sharp divergences in attitudes to the pace of globalization.

* EU envoy warns Gaza could become the next Somalia Israel's policies in the Gaza Strip are likely to turn the territory into Somalia.

* 'Al-Qaeda boys' in training video US and Iraqi forces have issued video footage which they say shows children under the age of 11 being armed and trained by al-Qaeda.

* Russia attacks 'illegal' EU mission to Kosovo Russia has warned the head of the United Nations against approving the EU's plans to launch a police and civilian mission to Serbia's breakaway province of Kosovo this month.

* UN presses Kenyan rivals for end to crisis Kenya's political rivals pushed ahead with crisis talks on Thursday amid new deaths and increased UN Security Council pressure to end weeks of bloodshed.

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