Monday, December 06, 2010


* Clinton: Saudi Arabia funding terror Principal American ally described in diplomatic cables revealed by WikiLeaks as source of terror funding

* Dutch MP Wilders and Israeli MK Eldad: Jordan is Palestine Dutch politician Geert Wilders gave a speech in Tel Aviv, Israel at a conference of the HaTikvah movement.

* Abbas in Turkey for Meetings Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas arrived in Turkey Sunday for an official visit.

* WikiLeaks: Iran financed Hizbullah fiber optics network Lebanese minister: Shi'ite group said it would view cutting of lines as Israeli attack; calls move last step in creating Hizbullah nation-state.

* Iran dominant player in Iraq politics Leaked US diplomatic cable reveals Tehran using all means of diplomacy, intelligence and economy to get a pro-Iranian regime in Baghdad.

* Delay in Korea Talks Is a Sign of US-China Tension President Obama and President Hu Jintao of China talked by telephone on Monday about North Korea, culminating 13 days of effort by the White House to persuade China’s leaders to discuss a crisis that many experts fear could escalate into military action.

* Nuclear Talks Start Between Iran and 6 Nations Six world powers began two days of talks with Iran on Monday to seek reassurances that Tehran’s nuclear ambitions are peaceful.

* PA Chairman Threatens 'One State' Solution Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is threatening to give up the fight to transform the PA into an independent Arab country.

* 14-year-old admits to accidentally starting Carmel fire During police probe teen admits to throwing burning Hookah coal into open area in the forest, which caught on fire immediately.

* UK condemns leak of 'critical infrastructure' list Britain condemned WikiLeaks for publishing a classified US list of "critical infrastructure" in European countries which could form terrorist targets.

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