Saturday, December 04, 2010


* 'Fire is God punishing Israel for occupying Arab lands' Many in the Arab world seem to be happy with the big fire that has been raging in northern Israel over the past few days.

* Obama Rallies Troops in Afghanistan: 'Tired of Playing Defense' One year and two days after President Obama appeared before an audience at West Point and told the nation he was sending 30,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan, he has come to meet with troops in the war-torn country.

* World's largest fire fighting plane to join bid to halt Carmel inferno The largest fire fighting aircraft in the world will arrive in Israel in the coming days to join the fight to control the devastating wildfire.

* World Wide Web Inspector Charles Scholl scurried back and forth, barking orders and keeping a close eye on the preparations.

* Turkey's military pressed to accept Islamists; Tensions high Turkey's military, under heavy government pressure, has suspended its dismissal of Islamic fundamentalists.

* Unmanned US spacecraft returns after 7-month trip he U.S. Air Force's secrecy-shrouded X-37B unmanned spaceplane returned to Earth early Friday.

* EU officials give first analysis of WikiLeaks impact More investment in European External Action Service (EEAS) security, loss of goodwill in the EU's special relationship with the US and heightened tension in the Middle East are all likely consequences of the WikiLeaks scandal.

* Abbas Threatens to Dissolve Palestinian Authority Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has raised the possibility of dissolving the Palestinian Authority if a peace deal cannot be reached with Israel.

* 'Study' denying Jews' right to Kotel resurfaces Only days after it was removed from the website of the Palestinian Authority Information Ministry, a "study" denying Jews' right to the Western Wall has resurfaced.

* Iraq blasts target Shia pilgrims At least 16 people have been killed in a spate of attacks apparently targeting Shia Muslim pilgrims in Baghdad.

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