Wednesday, December 01, 2010


* Hamas vows to honor Palestinian referendum on peace with Israel Islamist leader Ismail Haniyeh says he would accept a deal with Israel based on 1967 borders and denies that Gaza has become a stronghold for al-Qaida.

* State Dept. Slams PA Report Denying Jewish Connection to Western Wall The State Department on Tuesday condemned a Palestinian Authority report that denies the Jewish connection to the Kotel, the Western Wall.

* Special Chanukah Events Highlight 'Living History' in Yesha Like so many holidays, Chanukah has a rich history. But unlike many of the holidays, Chanukah's history is easily accessible.

* North Korea 'likely to attack again' South Korea's intelligence chief is reported to have said that North Korea is very likely to attack again, a week after an artillery strike on a South Korean island.

* Pentagon study 'backs allowing gays to serve openly' Allowing gay troops to serve openly in the US military would carry only a low risk to fighting ability, a Pentagon study has found.

* FCC Sets Net-Neutrality Vote The Federal Communications Commission chairman announced plans to vote this month on rules to prevent Internet providers from interfering with traffic.

* Israeli Jews Begin to See Arabs as Fifth Column A growing majority of Israel’s Jews are beginning to see the country’s Arab citizenry as a fifth column.

* Lisbon Treaty weathers stormy first year Many hoped it would be the last treaty change for many years.

* Egypt election routs popular Muslim Brotherhood from parliament A tightly controlled Egypt election appears to have given President Hosni Mubarak's ruling party its biggest share of the legislature in 15 years.

* Iran's military looks to the sky as new priority Iran's military trying to quickly bolster its ability to patrol skies in belief that US or Israeli warplanes or missiles could strike its nuclear facilities.

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