Monday, November 22, 2010


* U.S. open to North Korea talks despite nuclear advances The United States and its allies on Monday accused North Korea of being a danger to the region after it showed off its latest advances in uranium enrichment, but Washington said it was still open to talks.

* Israeli Muslims grow extreme as others secularize Following the recent arrests of two clerics, experts debate Israeli policy towards its Arab minority.

* U.S. Freeze Guarantees Still Have not Arrived The Americans have still not provided the guarantees that will enable Netanyahu to present the proposed 2nd construction freeze to the Cabinet.

* PA slams NIS 85 million Kotel development project "This move preventing us from reaching solution," PA spokesman says; project to help accommodate 8 million annual visitors to Western Wall.

* Analysis: North Korea likely needed outside help for centrifuge North Korea probably needed external assistance to build a uranium enrichment site, which could offer it a second source of weapons-grade nuclear material.

* Rupert Murdoch creates 'iNewspaper' - with the help of Steve Jobs News Corp reportedly set to launch iPad news publication exclusively via download

* Al Qaeda Promises U.S. Death By A 'Thousand Cuts' Terror Group Boasts That Printer Bomb Cost Only $4200, Meant To Bleed U.S. Economy

* Archaeologists: 1,800-Year-Old Pool an Important Historical Find It's a case of history repeating itself – at least partially.

* U.K. to probe Islamic schools for alleged anti-Semitism Britain's education department to look into textbooks which teach children of Zionist plans for world domination, as well as condone extreme punishment for homosexuality.

* 'Intense' discussion on EU-Nato relations at Lisbon summit EU chief Herman Van Rompuy spoke of 'tearing down the walls' between Nato and the EU.

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