Saturday, November 20, 2010


* Sarkozy at NATO summit: Iran is today's missile threat Iran tests cruise missile defense as summit takes place.

* Karzai and Nato agree Afghanistan exit strategy Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai was in Lisbon, where he signed a long-term security partnership with Nato.

* US general pledges support to Lebanon General James Mattis, the US Central Command chief, on Friday pledged his country would continue to support the Lebanese army.

* Hezbollah: Our weapons are vital to resistance against Israel, regardless of Ghajar pullout A senior Hezbollah official said that despite Israel's decision "in principle" to pull out of the disputed border village of Ghajar, the group's weapons are still necessary.

* U.S. and Israel: Still No Consensus on Pressuring Iran An open disagreement between Israel and the Pentagon in recent weeks has highlighted the dilemma President Barack Obama faces in making progress on Iran.

* U.S. systems could help Saudis deter Iran Saudi Arabia's proposed $60 billion military order from the United States could help the Gulf Arab kingdom defeat neighboring Iran.

* Russia has gone rogue; Ukraine at risk Moscow is on the march. Vladimir Putin's Russia is the most destabilizing — and reckless — great power on the world stage.

* Israeli general: Iran has equipped proxy's rockets with guidance systems Iran has significantly enhanced its rocket arsenal.

* Al-Qaida plotting attack on Reichstag building in Berlin Islamist terrorists were planning to attack Berlin's Reichstag building, the home of the German parliament.

* 'Stuxnet specifically targeted Iranian nuclear program' The German computer security expert who first reported that the Stuxnet worm was designed to attack targets in Iran said the virus specifically attacked the country's nuclear program.

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