Tuesday, October 19, 2010


* Palestinians plan UN resolution calling for settlement evacuation The Palestinian leadership, in conjunction with Arab states, plans to submit a resolution to the UN Security Council stating that Israeli settlements in the West Bank are illegal.

* 'If oil hits a certain price, world will no longer want Israel to exist' "If oil reaches a certain price, the world will no longer want Israel to exist".

* 'Iran's nuclear program poses a major risk to Mideast stability' The United States and Israel on Monday said Iran is among the greatest challenges to stability in the Middle East.

* Meet the New Israeli Assault Rifle Israel National News TV takes a look at two Israeli developments at the annual Israel Defense exhibition (ISDEF 2010).

* Al-Qaida Returning to Afghanistan for New Attacks Al-Qaida militants are moving back into Afghanistan to plot new attacks here.

* Killings in Nigeria Are Linked to Islamic Sect A radical Islamic sect thought to have been crushed by Nigerian troops last year has been revived.

* Turkish PM says won't talk with Netanyahu Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan does not want to talk with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

* 'We Are Destroying Life on Earth,' UN Conference Claims A U.N. biodiversity conference aims to address a simple problem: "We are destroying life on Earth."

* American Muslims Gather on Capitol Hill The second annual "Islam on Capitol Hill" event was held last Friday.

* Spectre of treaty change accompanies new eurozone agreement Eurozone finance chiefs have backed new rules for stricter fiscal discipline.

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