Monday, October 18, 2010


* Netanyahu: Terrorists in Gaza have anti-aircraft missiles Speaking at a Likud meeting, PM expresses concern over weapons in the Strip "that can take down an aircraft en route to Ben Gurion airport"; calls settlement building an "artificial obstacle."

* Saudi intelligence issues EU terror alert "If this information is coming indeed from the Saudis, one can expect that it is serious and reliable."

* Abbas: I won't resume talks until building freeze renewed PA president says the "whole world" is saying settlement moratorium must continue, why can't I?

* Iraq's Allawi charges Iran destabilizing Mideast The leader of the Iraqi bloc that came first in elections accused Iran on Sunday of trying to destabilize Iraq and manipulate the political process as he jeered at rival politicians seeking Tehran's blessing for forming the next government.

* Ahmadinejad: Israel and its allies are all on their way to hell Remarks come in the wake of Iranian President's recent visit to Lebanon, where he voiced what he termed as his support of Lebanon's resistance of Israeli aggression.

* EU Struggles with Immigration Germany's multicultural approach to immigration “has failed, utterly failed,” said Chancellor Angela Merkel.

* Algerian Paper Claims Torah Scroll Includes Name of Mohammed A new Muslim claim surpasses all boundaries: an Algerian paper reports that an old Torah scroll found near Temple Mount includes the name of Mohammed.

* Paris Peace Summit Postponed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s office announced on the weekend that a planned peace summit between Israel and Palestinian Authority, that was to be held in Paris by the end of the month, has been rescheduled.

* Israel Builds World's Largest Underground Hospital A critical phase began last week in the construction of a massive underground hospital at the Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa.

* EU 'lacks vision' on Turkish accession, president says Turkish President Abdullah Gul has hit out at European politicians, saying they lack a strategic vision for Turkey's membership of the European Union.

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