Monday, October 11, 2010


* PM: Moratorium for PA recognition of 'Jewish State' At Knesset winter session opening Netanyahu says Palestinian state may be a source of continued conflict if irresponsibly handled.

* Fearing civil war, Lebanese citizens arm themselves Volatile probe into 2005 murder of Ex-Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri, upcoming Ahmadinejad visit, could easily set off a country on verge of explosion.

* Abbas Turns Down Calling Israel ‘Jewish’ in Return for Freeze The Palestinian Authority Monday swiftly turned down Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s offer for a renewal building freeze if PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas were to recognize Israel as Jewish.

* "In the ME, the weak do not survive, only the strong" At Israel Beiteinu meeting, FM Lieberman says Israel-Palestinian conflict far from being central to world or most ancient in the world.

* Israel: Fix Kosovo first before telling us what to do Israel's foreign minister has bluntly told the foreign ministers of Spain and France to fix problems in Europe before telling Israel what to do.

* Gates Urges China to Improve Military Ties With US Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates met with his Chinese counterpart to make a case for restoring military-to-military relations.

* Manned flight around Moon considered The possibility of using the space station as a launching point to fly a manned mission around the Moon is to be studied by the station partners.

* 420 banks demand 1-world currency International finance group seeks remedy to looming exchange wars

* Spanish FM: Europe has vital role in Middle East French, Spanish foreign minister brush-off Avigdor Lieberman's suggestion that they focus on solving Europe's problems before meddling in Mideast affairs

* US call for Nato cyber-strike capacity causes division Nato countries do not agree on the Alliance being allowed to wage cyber wars

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