Saturday, September 11, 2010


* US marks 9/11 anniversary amid Koran-burning row The US is marking nine years since 9/11 amid controversy over plans for an Islamic centre near Ground Zero and a threat to burn the Koran.

* Obama on 9/11 anniversary: We're not at war with Islam, but with terrorists U.S. President Barack Obama vowed that the US was "not going to be divided by religion."

* Islam controversies cast shadow over 9/11 events They will read the names, of course, the names of every victim who died in the Sept. 11 attacks.

* Obama Asks Israel to Extend Settlement Moratorium President Obama asked Israel to extend the moratorium in the West Bank as a good-will gesture to help move forward peace talks with the Palestinians.

* FLASHBACK: Christians in Gaza Fear for Their Lives as Muslims Burn Bibles and Destroy Crosses After defeating their rivals in Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement, Muslim extremists are focusing their attacks on Christians in Gaza City.

* U.S. pastor: I will not burn the Koran, not to mark 9/11, not ever I will not burn a Koran, not now, not ever, a Florida Pentecostal pastor, who had raised worldwide tensions over his plan to burn the Muslim holy book.

* US Affairs: Speak softly and carry a big check Scarred by decades of failed attempts at Mideast peacemaking, the current US administration is charting a smarter, more learned approach.

* Turkey Braces for Key Vote Over its Future Turks typically celebrate Eid, the end of the Ramadan month of Muslim fasting, with syrupy sweets, lengthy family meals and laid-back indulgence.

* 'Turkey more influential globally than any of our members' European Union foreign ministers met Saturday to discuss their vexed relationship with Turkey.

* Abbas thanks Assad for supporting Palestinian people Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas thanked Syrian dictator Bashar Assad late Friday for his country's support of the Palestinian people.

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