Thursday, August 05, 2010


* Ex-CIAers to Obama: Israel Might Attack Iran This Month A group of former CIA officials warns U.S. President Obama that Israel might attack Iran "even within a month."

* Dayan: Israel Must Fight to Win Gen. (res.) Uzi Dayan, head of the National Security Council, says that the recent skirmish in Lebanon that exacted the price of one dead officer and another seriously wounded one must serve as a general warning bell: "Wars have to be fought in order to win."

* Preparing for future wars Israel Air Force deployments in various European states are always classified.

* Iran launches cartoon website aimed at questioning the Holocaust Iran has launched a website with cartoons on the Holocaust aimed at undermining the historic dimensions of the mass murder of Jews during World War II.

* Britain's new export: Islamist carnage In all, 28 countries have come under assault from British-based Islamist terrorists, giving some idea of their global menace.

* Terrorism Under the Guise of a University? A university in the United States has recently been the subject of Internet blogs due to the disturbing information it provides on its website.

* Lebanese army rep: Border skirmish calculated decision During a meeting with IDF and UNIFIL representatives at the Naqoura crossing Wednesday night, a senior Lebanese army officer said Tuesday's deadly border incident was initiated by Lebanese soldiers.

* Reaching for the stars Space, the final frontier. The day that astronauts clad in blue-and-white space suits are launched beyond planet Earth to conduct research.

* Abbas sets conditions for direct talks with Israel Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said he was ready for direct negotiations with Israel.

* China Rejects US Concerns about Deals with Iran China has defended its business ties with Iran after a United States official urged Beijing to fully implement sanctions against Tehran.

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