Thursday, July 15, 2010


* Israel attack wouldn't stop Iran nuclear program, says U.K. study An Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities would start a long war and probably not prevent Iran from eventually acquiring nuclear weapons.

* Gaddafi Jr.: Libya to funnel $50M to Gaza Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, chairman of the Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation which tried to send an aid vessel to Gaza, says he reached an Egyptian-mediated agreement with Israel.

* Israeli Firm Develops 'Stealth Paint' for Aircraft Shades of Star Trek's Romulan cloaking device: The Israel Air Force may soon be flying under the radar.

* Gush Katif: Past and Future Approximately 350 family farms and agricultural enterprises, producing $120 million in flowers and produce, were based in the Katif Bloc of Jewish towns in Gaza.

* US military to hand over last detention centre in Iraq The Iraqi authorities will take charge of 1,600 of the 1,800 detainees at Camp Cropper, near Baghdad's airport.

* Argentine Senate backs bill legalising gay marriage The vote in the Senate, which backed the bill by just six votes, came after 14 hours of at times heated debate.

* Europe Warns Obama: This Relationship Is Not Working Europe's disappointment with President Barack Obama's presidency was laid bare Thursday as the EU's most senior figure called for a dramatic effort to revive transatlantic relations.

* World at Risk of Folding in on Itself: Deputy Doom The global economy is at risk of folding in on itself unless policy makers face up to the threat of inflation and exchange rate inflexibility, according to Arun Motianey.

* The 44th U.S. president is a cultural Muslim President Obama is betraying the Jews. He is a cultural Muslim whose sympathies lie with the Islamic world in its life-death struggle against Israel.

* Hamas Panicked When Israel Eased Blockade Israel's decision to ease its blockade on Gaza has had an odd effect on the region.

* EU reaches out for new powers at United Nations European Council President Herman Van Rompuy will in future be able to address the UN chamber no differently from US President Barack Obama.

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