Wednesday, June 23, 2010


* IDF draws up new Gaza war doctrine Ahead of a potential new conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, the IDF has drawn up plans to evacuate entire Palestinian villages and refugee camps from areas of conflict in the event of an Israeli incursion.

* Ofek 9 satellite begins transmitting Newly launched spy satellite makes first contact with ground crews.

* Iran Changes Course on Ship; Israel Trains for the Worst Iran has changed course again and announced Tuesday afternoon it will send a ship to try to challenge Israeli sovereignty over the waters off of Hamas-controlled Gaza.

* IAF Landed at Saudi Base, US Troops near Iran Border The Israeli Air Force recently unloaded military equipment at a Saudi Arabia base.

* Many Americans expect Jesus' return by 2050 A new survey finds that Americans are divided over whether they believe Jesus Christ will return by the year 2050.

* Internet whizzes recruited to IDF intelligence unit In each round of recruitments, the IDF aims to single out the most talented future fighters for its elite commando units.

* Details emerge on final set-up of EU diplomatic corps Both EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and MEPs have claimed victory in the final outcome of the battle of wills to establish the thousands-strong European diplomatic service.

* Settlers threaten to forcibly evict East Jerusalem Palestinians Israeli settlers in East Jerusalem on Wednesday threatened to forcibly evict four Palestinian families.

* Beirut warns IDF not to attack flotilla Lebanon said Wednesday that it will hold Israel responsible for any attack against blockade-busting aid ships planning to sail to Gaza in coming days.

* U.S. carrier group clears Suez Canal A U.S. naval carrier group, reportedly containing at least one Israeli vessel, passed through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea and toward the Gulf on June 18.

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