Thursday, December 04, 2008


* IDF preparing options for Iran strike The IDF is drawing up options for a strike on Iranian nuclear facilities that do not include coordination with the United States.

* Gov't Violently Evicts Jews from Peace House in Hevron Shortly after 2:30 PM, less than five hours after meeting with officials of the Yesha Council, and three hours after meeting with Rabbi Moshe Levinger, Defense Minister Ehud Barak gave the order to begin violently evicting the residents of "Peace House," known as Beit HaShalom.

* Blair urges Obama to push for ME peace Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, offered praise Wednesday for President-elect Barack Obama's selections to lead his national security team.

* NATO chief: We can't intervene on Iran The North Atlantic Treaty Organization has no mandate to engage in political matters like the Iranian nuclear issue.

* Putin rules out early Kremlin bid Russian PM Vladimir Putin has ruled out an early return to the presidency.

* Think-tank comments on Iran worry Israel Israeli officials expressed concern Wednesday about some of the recommendations in a report top American experts have prepared on Middle East policy for the Obama administration.

* Golan Heights in the Crosshairs London-based Arab newspaper Al-Hayat reported Thursday that negotiations between Israel and Syria have continued behind the scenes.

* Egyptian MP: We won't tolerate 'Islamist emirate' in Gaza Mustafa al-Faki, chairman of the Egyptian Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, has said that his country would not tolerate an "Islamist emirate" on its northern border with the Gaza Strip.

* Moscow's mayor links gays to spread of AIDS Moscow has banned gays and lesbians from promoting their way of life because they can help spread HIV/AIDS.

* Obama's thoughts evolving on U.S. troops in Iraq On the campaign trail, Senator Barack Obama offered a pledge that electrified and motivated his liberal base, vowing to "end the war" in Iraq.

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