Wednesday, December 03, 2008


* PA: Hebron tensions could erupt into all-out confrontation The Palestinian Authority on Wednesday called on the Israeli government to pull all the settlers out of Hebron and warned that the growing tensions in the city could erupt into an all-out confrontation.

* Israel wants closer co-operation with EU Israel wants to strengthen its relations with the EU and change what it calls Europe's "outdated" perception of the Jewish state.

* Analysis: Al-Qaida-style extremism gains real power within Hamas Al-Qaida-type Salafi Islam is rising in popularity within the ranks of Hamas.

* Experts warn Barack Obama of a nuclear Iran Iran poses the greatest foreign policy challenge to Barack Obama, the President-elect, with Tehran on course to produce a nuclear bomb in the first year of an Obama administration.

* IDF opposes plan for NATO in W. Bank A day after President-elect Barack Obama chose retired general James Jones as his national security adviser, Israeli defense officials said Tuesday that they were opposed to the deployment of a NATO force in the West Bank.

* Putin-Medvedev-Putin: Middle East Taking Note Dynastic rulers and dictators in the Middle East stood amazed and impressed as the upper house of the Russian parliament passed constitutional amendments on Nov. 26, paving the way for Vladimir Putin to return to supreme power in the Kremlin.

* Ahmadinejad: Iranian economy in danger Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was quoted Wednesday as saying that Iran will be forced to trim spending and generous subsidies and raise taxes.

* Brussels gearing up for reshuffle of top jobs With over six months to go before the selection of a new European Commission and uncertainty on the Lisbon treaty looming over the process, speculation is in any case mounting over who will take the top jobs in Brussels for the next five years.

* Barkat takes over as Jerusalem Mayor Turning a new page, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat took office on Wednesday, pledging to work to improve the economic conditions of the city.

* Russian warship to cross Panama Canal The Russian navy said Wednesday one of its warships would sail this week through Panama Canal — a symbolic projection of Moscow's power to the U.S. zone of influence.

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