Friday, November 21, 2008


* Peres warns evacuation of settlers may lead to civil war President Shimon Peres told members of the British Parliament Wednesday that Israel would have difficulty dismantling West Bank settlements without causing a civil war in Israel.

* Tens of Thousands Stream to Hevron as Peace House Showdown Looms Tens of thousands of Jewish believers are expected to stream into Hevron, the City of the Patriarchs, for Shabbat Chayei Sarah.

* Iraqis protest against troop deal Thousands of people have protested in Baghdad against a proposed deal to allow US troops to remain in Iraq once their UN mandate expires.

* IDF bracing for more Hebron violence Security forces were bracing for more violence in Hebron Friday as thousands of Jews were expected to descend on the West Bank city for Shabbat.

* US global dominance 'set to wane' US economic, military and political dominance is likely to decline over the next two decades.

* Olmert heads to Washington for farewell meeting with outgoing Bush Under the cloud of an increasing Iranian nuclear threat and escalating violence in Gaza, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert heads to Washington Saturday.

* Hezbollah's foundation is built on youth On a Bekaa Valley playing field gilded by late-afternoon sun, hundreds of young men wearing Boy Scout-like uniforms and kerchiefs stand rigidly at attention as a military band plays, its marchers bearing aloft the distinctive yellow banner of Hezbollah.

* U.S.: IAEA report strengthens fears Syria engaged in covert nuke program The United States said on Friday the first independent monitoring report on an alleged Syrian nuclear site had hardened suspicions that Syria was building a covert reactor.

* Ashkenazi: Our Goal is to Defeat Global Terror IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi spoke at a NATO conference in Brussels on Thursday morning on the subject of terrorism.

* A state within a state has arisen in the territories A new custom has come to the country: High Court rulings are one thing, reality is another.

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