Wednesday, November 19, 2008


* Former IDF Chief of Staff: 'Land for Peace Brought Wars' Moshe Ya'alon, a former IDF Chief of Staff who this week joined the Likud party, declared Wednesday morning that the "land for peace" policy he once backed has proven that giving up Jewish land to Arabs brings war.

* 'Israeli Air Force is ready to deal with Iran' "We are ready to do whatever is demanded of us" in order to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.

* Tensions high in Hebron; Settlers gird for battle Heading for a clash? Settlers are girding for battle over a disputed Hebron home slated to be evacuated in the next few hours in line with a High Court of Justice ruling.

* Israel 'occupies' no Arab territories In urgent matters of national survival and geopolitics, words matter. The still generally unchallenged language referring provocatively to an Israeli "Occupation" always overlooks the pertinent and incontestable history of the West Bank.

* Settler rabbi: The State of Israel is an enemy of the people "The state of Israel has become the enemy of the people and the land of Israel," settler rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpe said.

* PA to reach out to Israelis with ads endorsing Arab peace plan The Palestinians are reaching out to the Israeli public to drum up support for a land-for-peace plan backed by the Arab world.

* Beijing propaganda chief hatches plan to combat age of internet news China's propaganda officials are experimenting with a revolutionary new policy to manage their message in the age of the internet: reporting the news as it happens.

* Germany-Egypt sub sale worries Israel Israel is increasingly concerned that Germany might sell Dolphin-class submarines to Egypt.

* International concern grows over piracy Days after pirates seized a Saudi-owned supertanker carrying more than $100 million worth of crude oil, the Indian Navy said on Wednesday that one of its warships had fought a four-to-five-hour battle.

* France wants post-EU presidency financial summit France has unveiled plans for a post-French EU presidency financial summit.

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