Thursday, October 16, 2008


* Tens of Thousands at Blessing of the Priests at the Kotel Thousands of Kohanim, Jewish men descended from members of the priestly class in the People of Israel, gathered at the Kotel (Western Wall) in Jerusalem.

* EU leaders call for global financial overhaul EU leaders were to wrap up a summit Thursday dominated by the financial crisis with a call for an overhaul of the global financial architecture.

* New IAF system will pinpoint Iranian missile targets in Israel The Israel Air Force is developing a computerized system to predict where a missile will land with considerable accuracy.

* Iraq reports progress on security pact Iraqi negotiators are reviewing a revised draft of a long-delayed draft security agreement to govern the conduct of American forces in Iraq.

* 35,000 take part in Jerusalem March More than 35,000 people took part in the annual Jerusalem March on Wednesday, thronging the streets of the capital in celebration of Succot.

* Iran hails world financial crisis as 'end of capitalism' Iranian leaders say the world financial crisis indicates the end of capitalism, the failure of liberal democracy and divine punishment.

* Hundreds more Christian families flee Iraq city The number of Christian families who have fled the northern Iraqi city of Mosul in the past week has reached 1,350.

* Livni Battling to Form New Israeli Government Israeli Foreign Minister and the leader of Israel's ruling Kadima Party Tzipi Livni has just three weeks to cobble together a coalition government.

* 'Lost' synagogue reopens in Jerusalem's Muslim Quarter A group of rabbis, politicians, philanthropists and right-wing activists gathered Sunday in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City to celebrate the reopening of a synagogue.

* Thousands Gather for Temple Congregation Ceremony The Temple Institute in Jerusalem's Old City succeeded on Wednesday in arousing a spirit of longing for the Holy Temple amongst a crowd of thousands.

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