Monday, September 08, 2008


* Police recommend indicting PM for bribery and a host of other charges After months of investigations and speculation, police recommended on Sunday evening that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert should be charged with bribery, breach of public trust, violation of anti-money laundering legislation and fraudulent receipt of goods.

* Sarkozy leads EU trio to Moscow French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been holding talks in Moscow with the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev about the crisis in Georgia.

* Cheney: Russian arms reaching Hezbollah US vice president meets with Israeli president on sidelines of Italian conference, accuses Moscow of selling weapons to Iran, Syria despite knowing they will reach hands of terrorists

* Iran solidifies control over Hizbullah Iran is consolidating its grip on Hizbullah and has instituted a number of structural changes to the Lebanese group, under which Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah no longer enjoys exclusive command over its military wing.

* Olmert to stay PM even if indicted Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will remain head of the transitional government that would come into being when he quits following the Kadima primary, even if Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz decides to indict him.

* Hitler's "Grossmufti von Jerusalem" While most Palestinians would claim that the violence is simply a means to "liberate" their homeland, another plausible explanation may lie in the fact that early Palestinian nationalism was influenced heavily by Nazism.

* Obama's verbal slip fuels his critics Sen. Barack Obama's foes seized Sunday upon a brief slip of the tongue, when the Democratic presidential nominee was outlining his Christianity but accidentally said, "my Muslim faith."

* Olmert: There will be need to evacuate settlers In light of the serious nature of the negotiations with the Palestinians, there is a need to begin discussions about evacuating some of the settlers from isolated areas of Judea and Samaria, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said.

* Prime Minister Welcomes Planeload of Immigrants A chartered flight of new immigrants from North America arrived in Israel on Monday morning.

* Iran to launch series of military maneuvers Three-day exercise to include examination of antiaircraft systems, aimed at upgrading army's combat preparedness, deterring US and Israeli from attacking Islamic Republic

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