Thursday, July 31, 2008


* Olmert: I'll resign after Kadima primary Prime Minister Ehud Olmert intends to hand his resignation letter to President Shimon Peres the day after the September 17 Kadima primary.

* Snap poll call as Olmert departs Israeli right-wing opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu has called for snap elections, after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced he would stand down.

* Arab media: Peace process suspended in light of Olmert's announcement "Israel and the peace process are awaiting the post-Ehud Olmert era,".

* Turkey's ruling party escapes ban Turkey's Constitutional Court has decided not to ban the ruling AK Party, accused of undermining the country's secular system.

* Gaza summer camps teach kids to fire rockets In the Gaza Strip, as in Israel, children are currently in the midst of summer vacation, and the Hamas and Islamic Jihad's "summer camps" are in full gear.

* Iraqis squeeze rebel stronghold Iraqi security forces backed by US troops are pressing ahead with a major offensive in Diyala province, an insurgency stronghold north of Baghdad.

* US tells Israel military option still on table with Iran The United States has told Israel a military strike on Iran was still on the table.

* 'PM will try for peace deal with Palestinians before end of term' An official close to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that the prime minister will keep working towards a peace agreement with the Palestinians until he leaves office.

* Ireland mulls autumn 2009 Lisbon revote The Irish government is considering calling a second Lisbon treaty referendum in autumn 2009.

* Hamas threatens PA officials in W. Bank Palestinian Authority security forces were put on high alert Wednesday following threats by Hamas against its senior officials.

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