Thursday, July 10, 2008


* US warns Iran on missile threat The US has said it will not hesitate to defend its interests and those of its allies as Iran continues missile tests.

* Sarkozy warns EU on treaty debate French President Nicolas Sarkozy has warned the European Parliament that the EU must not waste time on more negotiations over the Lisbon Treaty.

* China foils planned Islamic 'Holy War' Chinese police shot dead five members of a radical Islamic separatist group intent on waging "holy war".

* US recently held missile defense test With the possibility of an Iranian missile onslaught on Israel looming, the US Navy recently held an unprecedented exercise in the Middle East.

* Hezbollah is rearming at a dizzying pace There are some 2,500 non-uniformed Hezbollah fighters in southern Lebanon, and the organization has trebled its pre-war missile arsenal.

* Jordan Goes Nuclear Unhindered In stark contrast to regional player Iran, there was no international outcry when Jordan announced, then started the first stage of its nuclear plans.

* Pre-quake changes seen in rocks Scientists have made an important advance in their efforts to predict earthquakes.

* Turkish PM boosts ties with Iraq Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says he has support from Iraq's government and Iraqi Kurdish leaders to fight the Kurdish rebel group, the PKK.

* Barak warns Iran “we won't hesitate to act” Defense Minister “Israel is the strongest country in the region, and it has proven in the past that it is not afraid to act when there its vital interests are threatened.”

* EU military capabilities still depend on UK, French co-operation Any moves to enhance European military capacity requires co-operation between France and the UK.

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