Friday, June 06, 2008


* PM: Pendulum closer to harsh Gaza op Prime Minister Ehud Olmert returned to Israel from the US on Friday morning and hinted that Gaza's day of reckoning was fast approaching.

* Hamas vows to continue attacks Hamas warned on Thursday afternoon that it would continue to launch attacks against Israeli communities near the Gaza border.

* Arab Anger Forces Obama to Backtrack on Jerusalem Within 24 hours of expressing his firm support for a united Jerusalem in a speech to a pro-Israel lobby organization, US Senator Barack Obama found himself forced to backtrack.

* Olmert spokesman: All options on table regarding Iran Referring to Iran's nuclear program, a spokesman for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that "all options must remain on the table".

* Crisis talks over Turkish ruling Turkey's ruling party has held an emergency meeting after its landmark measure allowing students to wear headscarves was blocked.

* 'Syria to let inspectors visit only 1 suspected nuke site' Syria told a 35-nation meeting in Vienna that it will limit the sites UN nuclear inspectors will see during their visit.

* PM to Bush, Abbas: I'll weather legal storm, stay in office Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told President George W. Bush and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas this week that he believes he can overcome his legal and political difficulties.

* Syria, Lebanon forging new relationship Damascus and Beirut are heading toward normalization and full diplomatic relations for the first time in their modern history.

* World Leaders Pledge to Combat Food Crisis World leaders at a UN summit in Rome have pledged to reduce trade barriers and boost agricultural production to combat a global food crisis.

* Medvedev warns against Nato entry Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has warned Georgia and Ukraine of serious consequences if they press ahead with plans to join Nato.

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