Thursday, May 15, 2008


* Bush: Hamas and Hizbullah will fail US President George W. Bush on Thursday criticized the deadly tactics of extremist groups such as al-Qaida, Hizbullah and Hamas.

* Abbas pledge on 'catastrophe' day Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas says he is determined to end Israel's occupation of Palestinian land, labelling it "mankind's shame".

* Hezbollah 'to restore normality' The Hezbollah opposition has pledged to return normality to Lebanon, a week after battles erupted between the movement and government supporters.

* From Beirut to Teheran Hizbullah's recent takeover in West Beirut and its attacks in the central Lebanese mountains could lead to regional escalation.

* China quake death toll could rise to 50,000 China warned the death toll from this week's earthquake could soar to 50,000.

* Barak: My gut reaction is to respond Despite the urge to respond harshly to rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, Israel should bide its time and wait for the right opportunity to strike Hamas.

* Russia and Europe may team up for moon flights Russia and Europe are teaming up to build a spaceship which will fly astronauts to the moon.

* 'We mustn't stumble on the way to peace with the Palestinians' The creation of a Palestinian state should bring an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

* Google co-founder lauds Israeli innovation in tech, environment Google co-founder Sergey Brin on Thursday lauded Israeli innovations in technology and environmental efforts.

* Poland to beef up European military club Poland has opted to become a full member of the EU and NATO-linked military club, Eurocorps.

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