Friday, April 25, 2008


* ElBaradei slams Israel for attacking Syrian nuclear reactor The head of the UN nuclear monitoring agency on Friday criticized the US for not giving his organization intelligence information sooner.

* Oil prices to double by 2012: Canadian study The price of oil is likely to hit 150 dollars (Canadian, US) a barrel by 2010 and soar to 225 dollars a barrel by 2012 as supply becomes increasingly tight.

* First images released from Syrian plant During a US Congress deliberation Thursday of the Israeli air strike on a Syrian nuclear facility pictures and a video of the reactor were shown.

* Sadr Tells Forces Not to Attack Iraqis Under pressure from Iraqi government troops and the American military, Moktada al-Sadr called on his followers to stop the bloodshed.

* US: Syria must tell truth about reactor North Korea's secret work on a nuclear reactor with Syria was "a dangerous and potentially destabilizing development for the world," said the White House.

* Under criticism, Bush talks with Palestinian leader As he prepares for his second trip this year to the Middle East, President George W. Bush is facing mounting criticism from Palestinians.

* Rabbis: Giving up Golan against Halacha Rabbis on the Golan Heights reiterated on Thursday the majority opinion among rabbinic authorities.

* Israel's UN ambassador calls Jimmy Carter 'a bigot' Israel's ambassador to the United Nations on Thursday called former President Jimmy Carter "a bigot" for meeting with the leader of the militant Hamas movement in Syria.

* EU treaty set to be examined by Czech and German courts The Lisbon treaty is set to be examined to see if it breaches national laws in two member states.

* Israel Rejects Hamas Ceasefire Proposal Efforts to negotiate a truce between Israel and the Islamic militant group Hamas in the Gaza Strip have hit a snag.

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