Monday, April 14, 2008


* PA Ambassador: "First Jerusalem, Then We'll Take All Palestine" "When Israel's ideology will collapse, and after we take Jerusalem, Israel's ideology will collapse altogether, and then we will proceed with our own ideology, inshallah [if Allah wills], and we will throw them out of all of Palestine."

* 'We'll take fight to Israel's backyard' The victims of the next Lebanon war will lie in Israel's "backyard," a top Hizbullah official threatened during an interview with a Syrian newspaper Sunday.

* Abbas: PA working to secure Gaza truce "The Palestinian Authority is working hard to secure a ceasefire in Gaza, with the help of the Egyptian leadership," said PA President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday.

* Carter in Sderot: Rocket attacks are a 'despicable crime' Former US President Jimmy Carter deplored Palestinian terror attacks on Israel as a "despicable crime" as he toured the rocket-battered town of Sderot on Monday.

* Iran-UN nuclear talks postponed A meeting between Iran's chief nuclear negotiator and the head of the UN's nuclear watchdog agency has been postponed, Iranian media have said.

* Sadr says US will always be enemy Radical Iraqi Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr has said the US will always be his enemy "till the last drop of blood".

* Deadly blast strikes Iran mosque At least 12 people have been killed and 160 wounded in an explosion at a mosque in southern Iran, local media reported.

* Israeli tanks withdraw from Gaza Israeli forces have withdrawn from Gaza after air and ground operations which left at least eight Palestinians dead.

* 'Back Channel' Talks Between Iran and the US Revealed While America was leading the effort to impose sanctions on a defiant Iran intent on continuing its uranium enrichment nuclear development program, the US and Iran was meeting unofficially to maintain dialogue between the two nations.

* Israel fears US will sell F-35 to Saudis Israel is increasingly concerned that the United States will allow the sale of fifth-generation, stealth-enabled Joint Strike Fighter jets - aka the F-35 Lightning II - to Saudi Arabia, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

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