Tuesday, January 29, 2008


* 'UNHRC endorsed Arab charter with anti-Semitic provisions' In a letter issued Monday, UN Watch urged UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour to clarify a recent endorsement of the Arab Charter of Human Rights.

* Annan leads Kenya crisis talks Former UN chief Kofi Annan has begun a new push to broker a deal between the Kenyan government and opposition, in an attempt to end spiralling violence.

* 'Israel, Egypt meet on Gaza status' An Israeli defense delegation secretly visited Cairo on Monday and discussed the situation in Rafah with top Egyptian officials in a five-hour meeting.

* Russia warns EU on Kosovo force Russia warned the United Nations and European Union on Tuesday against taking any unilateral steps with Kosovo.

* Bush: Time has come for peace in Israel US President George W. Bush reiterated his commitment to working toward lasting peace in the Middle East in his final State of the Union address on Monday night.

* EU approves military force to Chad A 3,500-strong European military contingent will soon be heading to Chad and the Central African Republic.

* PM: Jews will never again be powerless Prime Minister Ehud Olmert drew a parallel between the current threat of a nuclear Iran and the Third Reich.

* Germany Confronts Holocaust Legacy Anew Most countries celebrate the best in their pasts. Germany unrelentingly promotes its worst.

* Fatah, Hamas fight for border control The Palestinian Authority has warned the Egyptians against striking a deal with Hamas over controlling the Rafah border crossing separating the Gaza Strip from Egypt.

* Bid to ease Turkish headscarf ban A proposal to allow women in universities to wear traditional headscarves is set to be presented to Turkey's parliament.

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