Saturday, January 12, 2008


* Syria Rebuilds on Site Destroyed by Israeli Bombs The puzzling site in Syria that Israeli jets bombed in September grew more curious on Friday with the release of a satellite photograph showing new construction there that resembles the site’s former main building.

* Bush blasts Iran for fomenting violence Traveling for the next few days among Sunni Arab-ruled states jittery about the rising influence and ambitions of Shiite-majority Iran, US President George W. Bush used part of remarks here that were focused on Iraq to put Teheran on notice - again.

* ElBaradei to Iran: Increase cooperation The UN nuclear watchdog chief pressed Iran on Friday to "accelerate" its cooperation with his agency.

* Ban eased on Saddam-era officials The Iraqi parliament has passed legislation allowing former officials from Saddam Hussein's Baath party to return to public life.

* Haniyeh: Bush's views 'unacceptable' US President George W. Bush's visit to the region proved his bias toward Israel and hurt Palestinian aspirations for a state of their own.

* Iran Encounter Grimly Echoes ’02 War Game There is a reason American military officers express grim concern over the tactics used by Iranian sailors last weekend.

* Musharraf rejects UN Bhutto probe Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has ruled out a United Nations inquiry into the assassination of the opposition leader, Benazir Bhutto.

* Bush Seeks Arab Support For Mideast Peace Plan President Bush sought Arab support Friday for a U.S.-backed Mideast peace deal, but the Bush administration said not to expect a "blinding flash" of Arab cooperation.

* Huge gas cloud will hit Milky Way A giant cloud of hydrogen gas is racing towards a collision with the Milky Way, astronomers have announced.

* 'Victory shall be ours by blood and will,' says Hizbullah chief Hizbullah Secretary-General Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said Friday that "President Bush will force the Palestinians to give up on the right of return and accept refugees settling in other Arab nations."

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