Wednesday, December 26, 2007


* Report says Iran has built a supercomputer Iran has successfully built a supercomputer, Channel 2 reported Tuesday evening.

* Egypt: Israeli construction in and around J'lem threatens peace Cairo criticized Israel's renewed efforts to build houses in East Jerusalem and in West Bank settlements, calling them damaging to the peace process.

* Iran unveils weapons deal with Russia Russia will supply Iran with the advanced S-300 surface-air missile system in accordance with an agreement sealed Tuesday night.

* Turkish jets in fresh Iraq strike Turkish warplanes have again launched strikes on Kurdish rebel targets in northern Iraq, officials say.

* Olmert 'awaits answer on Syria talks' Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Tuesday relayed to Syrian President Bashar Assad the message that "a lot has changed in relations between Israel and Syria."

* Pope calls for end to conflicts Pope Benedict XVI has appealed for just solutions to the conflicts in the Middle East, Iraq, Africa and elsewhere in his annual Christmas message.

* Survey: Annapolis was a big disappointment While the Annapolis peace conference has yet to fulfill its promise of bringing Israelis and Palestinians together in peaceful harmony, it has apparently succeeded in bringing them together on another issue.

* Questions and Answers About Americans’ Religion This time of year provides an opportunity to answer frequently asked questions about exactly where America stands today in regard to religion, based on Gallup's extensive archives.

* Iranian Jews find new homes in Israel Greeted by joyous relatives and a crowd of reporters, about 40 Iranian Jews landed in Israel on Tuesday, leaving behind their lives in the Islamic republic for new homes in the Jewish state.

* And Out of Zion Will Come the World's First Nano-Torah Out of Zion has come the world’s tiniest Bible, engraved in gold on silicon, to illustrate the science of nanotechnology.

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