Thursday, October 11, 2007


* EU officials condemn IDF action in Gaza Calling Gaza a "prison" and a "ghetto," European Union parliamentarians harshly condemned Israeli actions there in a special session held in Brussels on Wednesday.

* Turkish govt to seek go-ahead for Iraq incursion next week The Turkish government will formally ask parliament next week to approve an incursion into northern Iraq to crack down on Kurdish rebels taking refuge there.

* PA official: Failed talks at peace summit could spur third intifada Senior Fatah official and former Palestinian prime minister Ahmed Qureia warned Thursday that if the upcoming regional peace summit does not yield results, Palestinians are likely to respond with an intensified uprising.

* Hamas offers talks with Fatah Hamas has said it will hold reconciliation talks with Fatah and hinted it may be ready to give up control of the Gaza Strip.

* Assad: Israel is trying to cover up failed IAF strike Syrian President Bashar Assad said in an interview published Thursday that Israel is trying to cover up the failure of an Israel Air Force strike on his country early last month.

* Muslim Brotherhood sets up Islamic clerical power The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's powerful opposition movement, has laid down its first detailed political platform.

* Report: African Conflicts Cost Billions About $18 billion a year has been drained from Africa by nearly two dozen wars in recent decades.

* US Presidential Candidate Endorses Elon's "Israeli Initiative" US Presidential candidate Sam Brownback, a senior Republican senator has endorsed the new Israeli Initiative peace plan.

* Expert: We missed opportunity to enlist Russians against Iran The damage caused by a lack of direct dialogue with Russia regarding the Iranian nuclear issue is beyond repair.

* Turks warn U.S. over genocide vote Turkish President Abdullah Gul has warned the U.S. that a congressional bill recognizing the mass killings of Armenians during World War One as genocide could cause "serious problems" for relations.

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