Tuesday, June 07, 2011


* 'Iran sends submarines for reconnaissance in Red Sea' Iran has sent submarines to the Red Sea.

* 77% of Israelis oppose going back to pre-'67 lines Seventy-seven percent of Israelis oppose returning to pre-1967 lines even if it would lead to a peace agreement.

* Chag Sameach! Holiday of the Torah Begins Tuesday Night The Jewish holiday of Shavuot is set to begin Tuesday night.

* Nuclear weapons threat not decreasing, study says More than 5,000 nuclear weapons are deployed around the world and nuclear powers continue investing in new weapon systems.

* Japan 'unprepared' for Fukushima nuclear disaster Japan was unprepared for a nuclear accident on the scale of the one at the Fukushima plant, the government said in a report to be submitted to the IAEA.

* Syrian newspaper: Naksa Day protests just the start The events on Israel's Syrian border on "Naksa Day" are just the beginning.

* Operation 'Opera' Took Out Saddam's Reactor: 30 Year Anniversary Thirty years ago Tuesday, on Sunday, June 7, 1981, eight IAF F-16s and and six F-15s took off from the IAF's Etzion Base in northern Sinai.

* Egypt accepts Muslim Brotherhood as legal party Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood's political party was declared legal by Cairo Tuesday.

* 'No western offer will stop Iran's uranium enrichment' Iranian President Ahamdinejad says no incentive offered by world powers can convince Tehran to stop enriching uranium.

* Yemeni Leader Was Severely Burned in Attack President Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen suffered injuries far more extensive than previously known in an attack on his presidential palace last week.

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