Thursday, December 23, 2010


* Vice Admiral: Obama was outmaneuvered by Russians on START President Barack Obama was outmaneuvered by the Russians and should have abandoned the New START negotiations instead of seeking a political victory.

* Mass Rally in Honor of Jewish Life in Judea and Samaria A mass rally to salute the settlement enterprise in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem will be held in downtown Jerusalem's Kikar Tzion.

* Netanyahu: World starting to understand that Israel is not obstacle to Mideast peace Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the world is starting to understand that Israel is not the obstacle to Middle East peace.

* North Korea 'ready for sacred war' with the South Kim Yong-chun accused South Korea of making preparations for war by holding live-fire exercises near the border.

* Christians make up 2% of population on Christmas 2010 Christian citizens of Israel make up roughly two percent of the country?s population or 153,000 people out of the 7.5 million population.

* Palestinians draft UN resolution against settlements A Palestinian draft resolution condemning Israel's West Bank settlement activity is ready to be presented to the United Nations Security Council.

* Christian exodus from Iraq gathers pace Churches empty and Christmas decorations are put away after al-Qaida renews deadly threat.

* Hundreds of Gaza Christians leave for Bethlehem More than 500 members of the Gaza Strip's tiny Christian community left the blockaded territory on Thursday.

* Plan to Use Christmas, New Year to Bring the Messiah This year, the two holidays fall out on the Sabbath (Shabbat) day. "That means that the Christian world takes a rest".

* Palestinian Christians get head start on Christmas Though they make up a small minority in Israel and the Palestinian areas, the Christian community in the West Bank and Jerusalem has begun preparing for the upcoming Christmas celebrations.

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