Thursday, December 09, 2010


* Israel draws international rebuke over refusal to freeze settlement construction The European Union, the United Nations and the Arab League have rebuked Israel after its refusal to halt settlement construction forced Washington to drop efforts to relaunch Mideast peace talks.

* Iran will produce an atomic bomb when the Supreme Leaders say so The meeting that concluded on Tuesday in Geneva between the big powers, Germany and Iran brought up a feeling of deja vu.

* China-US row over North Korea as tensions rise Earlier, top US military official Adm Mike Mullen said China was "enabling" North Korea's "reckless behaviour".

* Anonymous hacktivists say Wikileaks war to continue Speaking on the BBC's Today programme, Coldblood said that "more and more people are downloading the voluntary botnet tool".

* U.S. intelligence estimate on Iran rocked by news of North Korean facility North Korea's new centrifuge plant calls into question the U.S. assessment of Iran's nuclear program.

* Abbas reiterates refusal to resume talks without freeze Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday reiterated his refusal to resume peace talks with Israel unless it freezes all West Bank settlement construction.

* Bible Quiz for Adults Sparks Interest Private Refael Meyuchas, 24, from Netanya, is the winner of the renewed National Bible Quiz for Adults.

* Extreme world: Is Sweden as clean as it seems? The world is considered a more corrupt place now than it was three years ago, a poll suggests.

* Launch Signals New Space Race The world's first commercially developed space capsule was successfully launched into orbit and then recovered at sea.

* Egypt: Time running out for Mideast 2-state plan Major powers should push Israel and the Palestinians to agree a deadline for establishing an independent Palestinian state before a two-state solution becomes impossible to achieve.

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