Tuesday, September 28, 2010


* Lieberman: Peace must be based on exchange of territory Foreign minister puts forward proposal at UN General Assembly for “two-staged” solution.

* Diplomatic Tide Turns Against Abbas as He 'Freezes' Talks The constantly changing sands in the Middle East have left Abbas roasting under diplomatic heat as he faces blame for "freezing" talks with Israel.

* Cyber takes centre stage in Israel's war strategy Cyber warfare has quietly grown into a central pillar of Israel's strategic planning.

* Drones Target Terror Plot In an effort to foil a suspected terrorist plot against European targets, the Central Intelligence Agency has ramped up missile strikes against militants.

* Abbas: Settlement construction will 'force' us to quit talks Palestinians held fast on Tuesday to their threat to quit peace talks with Israel if settlement building does not cease.

* Kim Jong-un appointed as general by North Korea North Korea today heralded a "crucial" announcement as its biggest political gathering for three decades began with the clearest signal yet that Kim Jong-il has picked his youngest son as his heir.

* Austerity whips up anger, protests mount in Europe Painful cuts by overspending EU countries come head to a head with mounting social anger.

* Jew Arrested on Temple Mount for Daring to Seem to be Praying A Jewish man in his 30s, who took advantage of the holiday of Sukkot in order to visit the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, was arrested on Sunday morning.

* South Africa summit sheds light on EU 'strategic partnerships' A meeting between EU leaders and South African President Jacob Zuma has shed light on how the union aims to use "strategic partnerships" to shape world events.

* Meet millionaire behind West Bank settlement movement TEL SHILOH, West Bank - Naftali Bennett does not fit the mold of a typical Jewish settler leader.

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