Monday, July 26, 2010


* EU imposes new Iran sanction Restrictions follow last month's unilateral US sanctions.

* US says Wikileaks could threaten national security The United States has condemned as "irresponsible" the leak of 90,000 military records, saying publication could threaten national security.

* "If Hezbollah strikes, we hit Lebanon" Barak issues warning against resuming rocket attacks from North.

* "Settlements will return to normal" Lieberman, Netanyahu say settlement freeze will end in September.

* Raising the Dead Is the "Red-Dead Sea Conveyance Project" viable?

* "Jews dominate the media" Director Oliver Stone makes anti-Semitic comments, supports Iran.

* Ex-CIA chief: Strike on Iran seems more likely now A former CIA director says military action against Iran now seems more likely because no matter what the U.S. does diplomatically, Tehran keeps pushing ahead with its suspected nuclear program.

* Top U.S. officer warns Afghan war will get worse More NATO troops will die in Afghanistan as violence mounts over the summer, but Washington's goal of turning the tide against the insurgency by year's end is within reach, the top U.S. military officer said.

* NASA's Deep Space Camera Locates Host of "Earths" Scientists celebrated Sunday after finding more than 700 suspected new planets -- including up to 140 similar in size to Earth -- in just six weeks of using a powerful new space observatory.

* Abbas Under Pressure for Direct Talks Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is under intense international pressure to begin holding direct talks with Israel.

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