Thursday, July 22, 2010


* 'Israel is world's most isolated country' Outgoing Ambassador to the UN Gabriella Shalev told American journalists on Monday that Israel is "the most isolated, lonely country in the world."

* Abbas signals resistance to U.S. pressure for direct talks Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has indicated he will resist United States pressure for face-to-face peace talks with Israel for now.

* North Korea anger at US-South Korea war games Some 20 ships and submarines and 100 aircraft are to take part in four days of manoeuvres in the Sea of Japan from Sunday.

* EU countries want more Iran sanctions A new poll shows European countries strongly supportive of international intervention to stop a nuclear-armed Iran, including further sanctions.

* Commercially sized oil field found in central Israel, firm says An Israeli oil prospecting and production firm announced it has struck a commercial amount of the black substance in central Israel.

* Petraeus Sharpens Afghan Strategy Gen. David Petraeus plans to ramp up the U.S. military's troop-intensive strategy in Afghanistan.

* Russian Gift to PA: 50 Armored Personnel Carriers Russia has delivered 50 armored personnel carriers to Jordan for use by Palestinian Authority security forces.

* Viral Video: No Mosque at Ground Zero A powerful new ad campaign that has gone viral on the Internet is targeting plans to build a mosque next to Ground Zero.

* Egypt paper: Israel spreading lies about Mubarak's health' Cairo is upset over reports on Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's poor health, and is placing the blame with Israel.

* Environmentalists urge closure of Jordan River baptism site over poor water quality An environmental group Wednesday urged the Israeli government to close down a baptism site at the lower Jordan River until water quality standards.

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