Monday, May 10, 2010


* Ya'alon: Israel capable of attacking Iran Former IDF chief says technology has improved range, aerial refuelling, accuracy, and intelligence

* WWII Allies march in Moscow to mark 65 years since Nazi defeat President Peres among leaders from over 24 countries marking Victory Day in Moscow's Red Square.

* Demographic Revolution: Jewish, Arab Growth Equal in Jerusalem The Central Bureau of Statistics released data on Jerusalem's population Monday in honor of Jerusalem Day which begins Wednesday night.

* Medvedev, Assad to discuss Mideast peace Russian president expected to hand over message from Israel during visit in Damascus

* J'lem Day eve: Rabbis flock to Temple Mount Dozens of rabbis from Religious Zionism movement pray at Western Wall, then visit Temple Mount under police protection.

* EU risks 'marginalisation' in the next 20 years A new report has listed a bleak catalogue of the problems the EU is likely to face over the next 20 years.

* PM celebrates Israel’s OECD accession Netanyahu: 31 states' support proves isolation claims "exaggerated."

* Construction in East Jerusalem will push on Meridor: Israel will not accept a "discriminatory" policy.

* Gordon Brown stepping down as Labour leader Gordon Brown has said he is stepping down as Labour Party leader - as his party opens formal talks with the Lib Dems about forming a government.

* Markets Join Rush in Response to European Plan After weeks of uncertainty over the European debt crisis, Wall Street got some clarity on Monday and joined the rally in equity markets.

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