Tuesday, April 27, 2010


* War with Iran Could Last Years, Says Bar-Ilan U. Researcher If war breaks out between Iran and Israel, it likely would last for "years and not weeks," according to Bar-Ilan University researcher Dr. Moshe Vered.

* Syrian-Turkish Joint Army Drill Intensifies Threat to Israel Syria is tightening its military alliance with Turkey as it reinforces its recent threat to send Israel back to "the Stone Age" if it attacks Hizbullah.

* Mubarak: Israel not planning war Amid fears of renewed armed conflict in the North, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak reassured his Lebanese counterpart Sa'ad Hariri on Tuesday that Israel had no plans to attack his country.

* Underwear Bomber: New Video of Training, Martyrdom Statements New videos produced by al Qaeda in Yemen show the accused underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and others in his training class firing weapons at a desert camp.

* Abbas 'ready' for proximity talks Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's readiness to enter proximity talks with Israel follows assurances the Palestinians received from US special Middle East envoy George Mitchell.

* Obama renews vow of 'new beginning' with Muslims President Barack Obama on Monday renewed his commitment to a "new beginning" with the Muslim world, vowing no let-up in US efforts to promote Middle East peace.

* Lebanon vows to defend itself against any Israeli attack Lebanese President Michel Suleiman said Tuesday that his country was not interested in war with Israel, but was prepared to defend itself if attacked.

* Member states agree diplomatic service outline Member states on Monday (26 April) reached political agreement on the future shape of the EU's new diplomatic service, with the parliament seen as the biggest remaining obstacle to a formal go-ahead.

* Caution: Growing Threat to Jews on California Campuses Two University of California professors warn that Jewish students face greater dangers as Muslim extremist organizations grow in campus influence.

* Barroso to discuss five-year plan during China visit European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso will travel to China this week.

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