Wednesday, February 17, 2010


* Russia: S-300 delivery delayed The Interfax news agency on Wednesday cited a top Russian defense official as saying that S-300 air defense missiles will be delivered to Iran once unspecified technical problems are resolved. 

* Barak: Syria shouldn't test Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Wednesday reiterated his view that Jerusalem must enter peace talks with Damascus in the near future. 

* Israel mulling a spring or summer war: Ahmadinejad Without specifying whom would be targeted, Ahmadinejad said: "According to information we have they (Israel) are seeking to start a war next spring or summer". 

* Peres warns of dangers of nuclear Middle East If the world does not unite to stop Iran's nuclear program, the upshot will be a nuclear Middle East, where ongoing conflicts will be accompanied by nuclear bombs. 

* Ayalon: Time for PA to live up to its commitments Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon on Wednesday said it was time for the Palestinian Authority to live up to its commitments. 

* In the Mideast, bet on a strong horse Lee Smith presents pan-Arab nationalism as an effort to transform mini-horses of national states into single super-horse. 

* Jewish Quarter: Arabic inscription found A 1,200-year-old inscription in Arabic was discovered in excavations in Jerusalem’s old Jewish Quarter. 

* Afghanistan Taliban 'using human shields' - general Taliban militants are increasingly using civilians as "human shields" as they battle against a joint Afghan-Nato offensive, an Afghan general has said.

* Taliban Arrest May Be Crucial for Pakistanis Pakistan's arrest of the top Taliban military commander may be a tactical victory for the United States, but it is also potentially a strategic coup for Pakistan. 

* Top cleric urges Iraqis to turn out for March vote Iraq's top Shiite cleric urged voters Wednesday to turn out for parliamentary elections set for March 7 but distanced himself from any particular coalition.

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