Saturday, September 12, 2009


Meridor confirms PM visited Russia Intelligence Affairs Minister Dan Meridor on Saturday confirmed that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu secretly visited Russia on Monday.

* US ready for N Korea direct talks The US says it would hold direct talks with North Korea to persuade it to return to stalled multilateral talks on ending its nuclear program.

* Iran's defense minister: Nuclear weapons are against our religion New Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi denied on Saturday that the Islamic Republic was striving to acquire nuclear weapons.

* Egypt, Jordan Join Arab League in Resisting Normalization Recently, the Arab League declared that Arab countries would not normalize ties with Israel until Israel gives in to Arab demands.

* Six powers accept Iranian offer to talk The United States and five partner countries have accepted Iran's new offer to hold talks.

* 'Silwan archaeological tunnel extended' The extension of an archaeological tunnel under the City of David has caused upset among Palestinians.

* Putin hints at presidential bid Russian PM Vladimir Putin has given the clearest indication yet that he might run again for the Russian presidency.

* Jordan signs deal for 1st nuclear power plant Jordan signed a $12 million deal Saturday with a Belgian company as it pushes forward with a plan to build the first nuclear power plant for the oil-barren dessert kingdom.

* Deputy PM: Time is now for action on Iran nukes Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor said "the time is now" for Israel and the world to act to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions.

* Putin Signals He Is Considering Return to Russia's Presidency Vladimir Putin, Russia's current premier and former president, gave the clearest signal to date that he is considering a return to his old job.

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