Monday, September 07, 2009


* Arab League: Shun Israel, or Else Arab League head Amr Moussa issued a warning Sunday to Arab countries to avoid normalizing ties with Israel until Israel gives in to the League's demands, which include a complete building freeze in Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria, and much of Jerusalem.

* ElBaradei: Nuclear 'stalemate' with Iran The UN nuclear watchdog is locked in a "stalemate" with Iran over the country's suspect nuclear program, the agency's chief said Monday, pressing Teheran to answer lingering questions about its atomic ambitions.

* China Oil Deal Is New Source of Strife Among Iraqis When China's biggest oil company signed the first post-invasion oil field development contract in Iraq last year, the deal was seen as a test of Iraq's willingness to open an industry that had previously prohibited foreign investment.

* Third of Lebanese cabinet Hezbollah Prime minister-designate presents list of 30 ministers to President Michel Suleiman.

* From Russia with love Cabinet marks two decades since beginning of massive wave of immigration from former Soviet republics.

* Hamas Fights Over Gaza's Islamist Identity An acute struggle is emerging within the Hamas movement, which rules this coastal Palestinian strip, over the extent and nature of its Islamist identity.

* Iran to 'Islamise' humanity studies Khamenei says 'teaching copy of what Westerners have said conveys doubt in Islamic principles'.

* France casts fresh doubt on Barroso reappointment The entourage of French Prime Minister Francois Fillon has cast doubt on Jose Manuel Barroso's bid to stay on as European Commission president by suggesting that Mr Fillon could do the job instead.

* EU and Turkey in 'vicious circle,' experts say European leaders must treat Turkey as any other EU candidate and stop suggesting alternatives to full membership, while Ankara for its part needs to re-engage in a democratic reform process, a panel of European experts has recommended.

* Fortress Asia: Is a Powerful New Trade Bloc Forming? The Great Recession hasn't been great for free trade.

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