Friday, May 15, 2009


* IAEA chief says Mideast 'ticking bomb' The number of potential nuclear weapons states could more than double in the next few years unless major powers take radical steps towards disarmament.

* At end of Mideast trip, pope says peace is possible Pope Benedict XVI assured his followers in the Holy Land that peace is possible, as he ended his Mideast visit Friday by putting aside the contentious issues he has confronted.

* Israel: U.S. will know before any Iran strike Israel has acceded to American demands by pledging to coordinate its moves on Iran with Washington and not surprise the United States with military action.

* Fear causes Abbas to delay new gov't Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was forced this week to postpone the formation of a new government.

* Tony Blair: Iranian Threat and Two-State Solution are Contingent Tony Blair, Mideast envoy of the Quartet, told the United States to push Israel and Arabs for a two-state solution as soon as possible.

* Egypt finds huge Sinai munitions cache Egyptian security forces uncovered an immense munitions cache near the Israeli border.

* European satellites to explore origins of universe The European Space Agency on Thursday launched a telescope and spacecraft on a mission set to explore the creation of the universe.

* Thousands flee Pakistan fighting Thousands of people are streaming into camps seeking refuge from the conflict between Pakistan's army and Taleban rebels in the country's north-west.

* Shuttle snapped up against sun NASA'S space shuttle Atlantis has been caught in a stunning snap silhouetted against the sun.

* Netanyahu to Meet Obama as U.S. Priorities Shift The last time Benjamin Netanyahu met an American president as Israel’s new leader, in 1996, it did not go well.

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