Thursday, May 07, 2009


* Pakistan pounds Taleban positions Pakistani helicopter gunships and warplanes have been bombing suspected Taleban militants in the Swat Valley as clashes intensify in the north-west.

* Time running out to stop Iran nuclear pursuit, investigator says A man who spearheaded financial investigations of Iran said Wednesday the Islamic republic is "deadly serious" about developing nuclear weapons and long-range missiles.

* Syria: No need to amend Arab peace initiative Syria's foreign minister says there's no justification for amending an Arab peace offer to Israel.

* 'Abbas to form new gov't without Hamas' Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas plans to ask his prime minister within the coming week to form a new government without Hamas.

* White House Official: Iranian, Israeli Nukes Unrelated Issues An Obama official’s call for Israel to declare its nuclear weapons could mean the end of a 40 year pact to keep the Israeli arsenal under wraps.

* Egypt: We have to keep Teheran in check The new US administration's engagement with Iran could be a positive move.

* EU summit text loaded with eastern tension Last minute tweaks to the Eastern Partnership summit declaration reveal EU unease over enlargement and immigration.

* Pope visit boosts Jordanian site of Jesus baptism When Pope Benedict stops to pray at a pool of still green water here on Sunday, his visit will bolster the case that Jesus was baptized at this spot on the east bank of the Jordan River.

* Few Russians believe Medvedev controls power: poll Only one in eight Russians believes President Dmitry Medvedev holds real power.

* Czech senate approves EU's Lisbon treaty The Czech Senate on Wednesday (6 May) approved the EU's Treaty of Lisbon.

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